Design Exercises.

This page collects some real-life design exercises for different recruitment processes I have put together to demonstrate some of my skills.


Millennials on the job hunt.

A good mix of research and analysis followed by a step-by-step process that takes you from zero to a complete design you could test with users. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution for designing a product, there are steps you can take to ensure your design is as successful as possible.


Analytics, cats, and pie Charts, Oh My.

This design exercise has two parts. In the first one, I explain how I would solve a conversion drop after redesigning a signup flow. The second part is about designing in a couple of hours an analytics tool to track your Instagram account.  


Meet Mango, the newest member of "Hero Dash".

This exercise was about designing a solution considering a strong set of constraints for an already existing product with a massive user base. I also proposed how we could improve it to make it more scalable for eventual updates.


Get on "Diamond Diaries", get onboarded.

Sometimes you need to review a design to find ways of improving it and know how to make good use of heuristics. This one's a good example of that. Also, I was asked to propose a solution to scale one of the main functionalities of the product. 


Things I learned from designing teams.

Besides designing products, I also specialize in designing design teams. Here I explain how I would build a design team starting from an already established corporate culture. I also cover other topics, like how I would help establish a mobile-first design mindset.

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