About (me).

Hello, I’m Sergio. My friends call me Sergi—or Serge. I'm a designer who loves working with big companies and scaleups to bring their vision to life.


Since childhood, I have been fascinated by the human mind and how we interact with technology. My mission on earth is to inspire and empower designers to use systems thinking and transform their creative problem-solving approach into structured processes by providing methods and tools. 

I'm currently working at Docplanner as the Director Of Product Design, responsible for building a high-performing design team that drives the product vision forward. I’ve also shown success while growing and managing a distributed team of Product Designers at New Relic on a mission to redesign the product into a pay-as-you-go, cloud-consumption experience. As a Product Designer, I've crafted digital solutions for Mozilla, O2, Telefónica, InfoJobs (Adevinta), and King (Activision / Blizzard).

In my spare time, I enjoy reading and writing. I love classic motorbikes, retro video games, and fixing electronic gadgets. I even built my own arcade machine ―using an original video sonic wooden cabinet, an Hantarex CRT monitor, and a JAMMA PCB. More recently, I tried to bring back to life a first-generation iPad. It never worked again, but you know, with practice comes mastery.

What makes me tick.

I've learned one thing within the years of working in design leadership roles. Designers don't need extra layers of bureaucracy that limit their velocity and autonomy to make decisions.

The good news is that design leaders are not supposed to do that. At least, that's not what I think they should do. Instead, they are responsible for providing a distraction-free environment, clear direction, and a way for designers to own and evolve their careers. I've always strived to do that in the many companies I've worked for as a design leader. There's nothing better than crafting a fantastic product while building an environment that makes it worth coming back every morning.

Oh, did I mention I love writing? It all started when I met my great friend and colleague Mario Ferrer at King. Thanks to him, I learned to care for words and express my ideas through letters more effectively. It completely changed the way I think. You can read some of our crazy stuff at Designfeld

I bet you can imagine what's our favorite tv show of all time...


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